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Excavation and relining allow you to replace or repair lengths of drains and pipework.

Drains and sewers may crack due to ground movement, subsidence, tree root infiltration, or corrosion – or they may totally collapse. The result is a structurally defective drain causing repeat blockages or leaks into the surrounding soil.


We will locate the area where your damaged pipework is and, once located, we can dig down and then install your new drainage pipework. To ensure minimal disruption, we will relay down the ground work to match existing ground once the new pipework has been installed.


Rather than fully excavate your drains, drain ‘inversion’ allows a new pipe to be fitted within a damaged pipe – saving time and money. We clean and de-scale the drain before relining with a high grade uPVC sleeve that is then air inflated. We can also carry out patch repairs where you only have a small damaged section of the pipe.

All excavation work is carried out by qualified personnel who have been trained to meet the latest legislation and comply with all Health & Safety regulations.


Blocked Drain Services

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