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We are the leading drain descaling company in Kent and London. We specialise in drain pipe descaling using a high pressure water jetting technique. Our advanced hydro-jetting equipment, with rotating chain flail, is capable of cutting away hard scale deposits from your drains, providing thorough cleaning of the pipes. This removes scale without the need to dig around the pipes, bringing you a cost-effective alternative to traditional drainage descaling solutions.


Overlooking small blockages, stains and corrosion may lead to major drain repairs costing you large amounts of money and inconvenience.

For many years London, Kent and the surrounding areas have experienced restricted flow in the drainage system due to hard water scaling, which eventually builds up, impeding the water flow in the pipes. Heavy scale can also cause corrosion to your drains.

Reduced water flow, frequent blockages and white stains on pipes, taps, shower heads and sinks are some most common signs of limescale. This is likely to be because you live in a hard water area. Thus, we would recommend that you incorporate drain descaling into your drainage maintenance programme.



We have been in the drainage industry for over 16 years. In that time, we have conducted drain descaling for many types of drainage systems. We know how to reach the inaccessible areas in your drainage system where there may be heavy scale, blockages, corrosion, tree root intrusion or any other drainage issue.

Unrivalled Expertise:

We have a vast team of professionally trained and highly skilled drainage technicians who are able to efficiently clean even hundreds of meters of hard scale while causing the least inconvenience onsite.

Advanced Technology:

We use the latest CCTV system for drain surveys, followed by hydro-jetting to remove scale in the pipes. The water jetting equipment we use features chain flail attachments which can spin at high speed, cutting away scale or corrosion which has built up in the system. This technique restores your drains to their optimal efficiency.

24/7 Availability & Quick Response:

We work round the clock, 7 days a week. There is no call out charge regardless of what hour you call. We offer emergency drain descaling in Kent and London with no additional charges. We have a large fleet of vans equipped with the latest equipment and tools to reach any site within our service territory within two hours.

All Drainage Solutions Under One Roof:

Whether you require drain unblocking, drain cleaning, drain relining, drain descaling or any other drainage service, we offer it all. Using our CCTV survey, we will determine the most effective drain descaling treatment for your needs.

High Quality Service:

As one of the most reliable drain descaling company in Kent and London, we ensure an excellent quality service to every customer. We are specialists in descaling stack pipes, kitchen waste, toilet pits, manholes, etc. The custom-designed hydro-jetting equipment we use is capable of removing virtually any obstruction in your drainage pipes.

What’s more, our drain descaling service, like other drainage services we offer, is covered by insurance of up to £10 million. Whether you are a household, an industrial facility or a commercial workplace, we offer drainage services to all.

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