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Tree, shrub and bush roots source water or moisture for their survival. And these roots have the ability to invade drainage pipelines or sewer line and form blockages with a bunch of roots. If roots inside the drainage line are not cut and removed on time, they continue growing over time causing severe damage to pipes such as cracks and major pipe displacement.

In worst scenarios, these root blockages take place in section of pipe which is not accessible by hand. And this is when our professional root removal services in London come on the scene. We specialize in cutting and removing the roots from your drainage system without excavation ensuring zero damage to the property.

At 3 Flow Drainage, we houses a team of specialists who are qualified, trained and fully licensed to undertake root removal in any area across London and its surroundings. We use a cutting-edge technology and tools such as a spinning root cutter and hydro-jetter to unblock your drains and completely clear it out from roots.


Following are key traits of our drain root removal services that set us apart from our market competitors across London:

  • 16+ years of experience in dealing with drain root related problems. Our ample experience enables us to deal with any complex problem related to drains.

  • Our drainage engineers use the most advanced equipment available out there to mechanically cut out the roots inside your drains without causing any damage to pipework.

  • We ensure comprehensive root removal service wherein we not just cut off the roots but also repair the problems caused by them.

  • We make use of latest tools and technology to deliver the work most effectively and efficiently in the least time possible.

  • Our drainage specialists make use of CCTV system to exactly locate the position of roots inside drainage system and measure the severity of the damage or blockage in it. The specialists also use CCTV cameras to monitor the entire process of root removal in order to ensure that the pipework is kept intact while the work is in progress. Lastly, CCTV inspection is performed to ensure complete root removal.

  • Once roots are removed, our drainage engineers take preventive steps to eliminate the chances of roots getting into the drains in near future.


  • Restore drains to its full capacity

  • Ensure maximum flow of water inside the drains

  • Ensure safety against future damage from root growth

  • Expert advice on future plantation

In worst cases, if roots have caused your drains to collapse, we provide essential solutions such as excavation, replacement of the pipe, backfilling and reinstating the drain. Our drainage specialists first analyse the condition of your drains and recommend the best solution to fix the problem. Root removal is also an important part of drain maintenance.

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