3FlowDrainage.co.uk – A Drainage Company in Kent

It is not until problems occur that people give drainage a thought.Over a period of time deposits such as grease, fat and scale will build on the pipe wall, so at some point all drains need to be cleaned. 3 Flow supply services throughout Kent, London, South Essex & Gatwick.

Blocked drains are potentially messy, disrutive, upsetting and at worst a health hazard, the good news is that 3 Flow are just a phone call away.

We supply a fast and effective service, all our engineers are fully qualified and have many years of experience so you will always be assured of a quality service.

We have over 16 years experience and are fully insured upto £10 million, we also specialise in root removal, excavations and insurance work, with all the specialised equipment to solve your drainage problems.

3 Flow Drainage Ltd can clear your blockage for you without fuss or worry.